Types of Lawn Mowers

When you think of yard maintenance, you also think of lawnmowers that prevent your lawn from overgrowth. It would help if you considered several things before you purchase a lawnmower. Learn all you can before you take the big step towards getting a lawnmower.

There are many different types of lawnmowers. They all perform the same service, but how they do that service is a good question.

Three popular types of lawnmowers:

Commercial Lawn Mowers.

If you have a huge lawn, you may need to purchase a riding mower. These types of mowers make light work of lawn mowing and reduce the amount of time you put out to cut your grass. Commercial lawn mowers from Cub Cadet makes it easier and more enjoyable when cutting your grass. Riding lawn mowers are much better than walk-along mowers, but they are also pricey.

A good choice of riding lawn mower for a large lawn is a lawn tractor. These mowers have front-mounted engines and basic lever-operated transmissions. The size and type of riding lawn mower you purchase will determine the price, with mowers ranging anywhere from $1000 upwards.

Walk Mowers

Walk mowers are used for smaller laws or homeowners who want exercise when mowing their lawns. Walk mowers have the versatility and vary in price, features, and quality.

Your walk mower will come in a range of types, including:

Rotary Mower. These are the mowers that most people use. They have one blade that turns at high speed and in a parallel movement. The grass is cut as soon as the blade hits the grass and the motor is engaged. A rotary motor works similar to a blender – as it mulches up your lawn.

Commercial lawn mowers from Cub Cadet

Rotary mowers do not tend to work well in the long grass. A rotary mower actually thrashes the blades of grass. You may find you end up with an uneven cut with a rotary mower, but uneven cuts are not noticeable on the average lawn.

Cylinder Mowers. These are also reel mowers and have vertical rotating cylinder cutters located near the front of the mower. These rotating blades slice against a fixed blade. The grass is trapped between the blades, and the grass is cut off – almost like a pair of scissors.

If you use a cylinder mower, it is recommended to mow your lawn once a week – hopefully, two times a week. The blades on cylinder mowers are not easily accessible, which makes the blades difficult to sharpen.

If you do not service a cylinder mower frequently, the blades will chew the grass and leave you with a very poor looking lawn. However, if you don’t mind taking a lawnmower apart, a cylinder mower will be great for you. Note that cylinder mowers blades are less adjustable, and you have few options with cutting grass height.

Cylinder mowers are less common, so you might find it challenging to get them repaired or find replacement parts. However, this mower is affordable and cuts your grass short and even.

Push Mower

A push mower is a type of walk mower, but you need to operate the machine manually. There is no motor to run the blades, and how the mower cuts is all up to you. Push mowers are wanted since they are the least expensive mowers, lightweight, and handle easily. Push mowers offer maneuverability, and you can direct the mower anywhere you want.

If you want to add exercise to your mowing routine, use a push mower. However, if you have health issues or don’t want to sweat, don’t use a push mower. A push mower will work best if the lawn is level since pushing a mower up and incline is tiring.