The Project Management Body of PRINCE2 Knowledge

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The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) 5th edition is not Out renovation support (which used to be called “Rise”) but, in fact, I view it as a new definition.  Some project managers treated it as a list of activities in a project lifecycle.  It is not that it lists activities, it only gives you a set of activities. As outlined on a prince 2 Courses London certification.

The new definition is:

a gathering of applicable and usable information integrated and coordinated so that getting to a desired documented result as clearly as possible is a natural consequence.

These 2 R’s were very helpful to me, I downloaded the most compelling definition into my project management toolkit and then used it to focus on larger projects.  This theory helped me immensely in developing annual project plans and providing additional guidance to my sales managers.  I also use this to excel in managing smaller projects for my clients with whom I am working to shape strategies to address core business issues, and my advice to all managers is to use the same tool to help motivate and push your business forward.

If you are a manager or a professional who plans to use a PMBOK this time, this definition is a great start, it should be tested and elsewhere validate the element of the organization as the most important factor that belief in the process.  A good process will have a defined structure and focus, with the two questions documented to make it extremely helpful and easy to operate.  As a note, the process to the collection of relevant information and interpretations must be accepted by the viewpoint of the person doing the duty of collecting information – the sales manager doesn’t have the time, nor the desire to listen to the academic, unless this information is contextualized and its purpose focuses on the information being a real benefit for the company.  It does not have an agenda with data collection objectives that are solely driven by anything to do with the money that doesn’t relate the information to the company’s objectives or goals.

 beats “information gathering” I believe this could be a great help to an amount of workload management, by looking at a potential project as a collection of tasks, I would be able to organize the complex issues involving the management of notes, and that I will gain better insight into how they can bring value to the organization.

I also know from personal experience that, and even I am saying this from experience, “it is simple to gather enough data and analysis to manage a project, a really substantial amount of work and it is the simple projects that have the highest production value and will result in large contributions to the bottom line of the organization.”  I am able to focus all my attention on the big picture – the people factor, even though it may be only one or two individuals involved in the project; this allows me to focus my energy on providing very high value.  Something my competitors may not be able to deal with during a project that I am focusing on serving as an input into my management scripts – this simply provides me a focus of higher value positioning me as an “international gem” amongst the rest of my competitors.

Wow, I realize that I have exceeded my job description, thus, adding a unique spin, I have to honor the organization’s investment by having a comprehensive track record and superior results to support the project.  I guess, looking at it as a cookbook, it may have a likelihood of cropping up on some of one’s resume, I hope it does, but maybe now I will better position myself to help keep in good standing with my peers and management, since I am capable of providing results that are just as great, sometimes greater, then just as good.

I have one final point I would like to add, in my experience, one of the fastest, best, most valuable, and brilliant ways to develop a strong presence and allow the organization to see you as an “international gem” is having a resume that has added value to the manager that they are not likely to see your many years before, even if they only may have been aware of the executives around you, but throughout my personal experience, everything a project manager can build I have done.  I would for the first time ever provide the management with a resume that had the case and reference numbers, he always came over laser-loosed as he read my own resume.