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How To Troubleshoot Your Wine Cooler


Wine coolers also experience issues either because of being used for a long time or failure to maintain it from time to time. It is not only your wine fridge that is to be maintained only, but even the environment it is should also be maintained.

For instance, if you have a wine cabinet with a fridge for storing wine, you should always maintain the cabinet instead of only the fridge. Troubleshooting a wine fridge is of different categories, and it depends on the issues it is having, but the most common include:

1. Temperature too cold or hot:

All temperature problems in a wine cooler usually come down to whether it is very hot or cold. Those who don’t know how to resolve problems such as this usually as, “what temperature should a wine cooler be?” Generally, a wine should be stored at a temperature between 40 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit, and if you feel that the fridge is not cooling your wine, you can do this as usual.

  • Check if the temperature control is set at the right place; if not, you can change it to the desired temperature.
  • If the temperature is too cold, you can adjust the temperature control and leave the fridge to stabilize for a few hours. The same thing allows if the temperature of the wine cooler is too warm to cool wine.

2. Lighting issues:

Another issue you can experience is lighting, which is usually caused by a natural cause (sunlight). Light and wine are not usually the best of friends, and allowing them to be scorched by sunlight can make them lose their flavors and get spoiled. If you notice that direct sunlight is coming inside of your wine cooler, you can do the following:

  • You can move your wine refrigerator to another darker area than the previous area.
  • You can also consider replacing the glass or covering the glass with deeper material.

3. Not Running:

If your wine cooler is not running, it may be due if a lot of technical problems, and with the following steps, you are likely to resolve them:

  • Check if the refrigerator is plugged into the socket; plug the power cord in and check.
  • Also, check the fuse box to know if the breaker in the outlet is sending electrical power to the right part.
  • Also, check if the generator generating energy for your refrigerator is producing the required electric current.
  • If all this does not work, you can consider calling the manufacturer to find out what to do.

4. Storage and humidity issues:

Humidity is also another important factor when you are storing wine. The required humidity to store a wine is around fifty to seventy-five percent. Anything higher or lower than this can cause problems with the stored wine.

If the humidity is low, you can consider placing a bowl of water inside your wine cooler and when it is high, try to clean the excess water out.


Sometimes our wine coolers may experience one issue or the other. Some of these issues can easily be resolved by us, while we have to take some to a professional. If you are experiencing any of the issues above, you can easily resolve them with the steps shown above.

This post was published on 01/08/2022

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