5 Contractor Benefits of Hiring A Crane Rental Service

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Many reliable crane rental companies promise top-notch quality services in every city, and many people fail to see the value and benefits of renting heavy equipment. Contractors are now finding out that the construction and development industry is now fully submerged into the coronavirus outbreak’s aftereffects.

The pandemic has thrown commercial and private companies into a new era of dealing business, and it can safely be said that the impact will stay for quite a while. As a result of the government’s rules and protocols, contractors are finding out the real disadvantages of owning cranes over renting the services of a dependable crane company.

Cost – Maintenance, Professional Labor, Ownership

The cost of owning a crane or any heavy equipment doesn’t only stop at the initial down payment or full payment, but you are also required to allocate resources constantly for the time it is under your name. The expensive costs necessary for transporting a brand-new crane to a home or office are pretty ridiculous when you think about how affordable a crane rental service can be.

You might ask yourself the question, “How do I find the best crane rental near me?” but we’ve got you covered. Dependable Crane is one of the leading crane rental companies in the Sacramento area and is NCCA/NCCCO certified by the National Commission for The Certification Of Crane Operators and Cal OSHA.

Another advantage of crane rental is that it eliminates the need for maintenance fees that will pile up the more you operate your heavy equipment. Crane rental companies have years of experience taking care of heavy machinery, and they have the latest equipment needed to keep cranes in good condition. Repair fees for a damaged or broken crane can skyrocket if you factor in the parts and labor required for a repair order.

Hiring an experienced and licensed crane operator is also quite expensive. It is required by law to have a professional license to operate heavy equipment, especially in complicated construction projects. Labor, machinery, and crane operators all add up to an incredible amount of money once you tally everything up, which is why a crane rental service is a way to go.

Safety and Technology

It shouldn’t be a surprise that crane rental services have the most knowledge as they have years of experience handling heavy machinery. It isn’t just as simple as knowing the basic specifications of a crane but understanding the nature of its parts and how it is best used in specific scenarios.

Some of the most experienced crane operators would even advise against starting a crane service company if the owner didn’t have any prior experience operating one. The client’s safety is the first priority, which is why heavy equipment companies need to know precisely what they’re doing before they offer their services.

As the pandemic pushes people more towards a touch-free and social-distancing approach to business, veteran crane companies are also up-to-date with the latest customer service technologies. Dependable Crane also has one of the most efficient and hassle-free ways of handling job orders on the internet, and a tried and tested method of transacting that eliminates physical contact as much as possible.

Availability and Variety of Heavy Equipment

Renting a crane is significantly more practical than buying one as it allows the customers to choose between different models of heavy machinery. Most people can’t just go out and buy every single heavy machinery model for just one construction project; the cost would be astronomical.

Crane rental services such as Dependable Crane offer various cranes to cater to different needs. Some clients would prefer a smaller model for light projects such as home renovations, while commercial clients would choose the biggest and heaviest model for large-scale constructions.

The convenience of calling your crane rental service to assist you should there be any problems is also quite handy, especially if you’re a first-time client. Crane rental companies might also offer construction debris disposal if needed.

Establishing Connections

Choosing the services of a crane rental service isn’t only about convenience and reliability. Still, it is also about building a relationship. 9 times out of 10, people who need a crane have established individuals that have the potential to need crane services in the future, which is why crane companies will remember you after every transaction.

Priority Clients

Contractors who establish a good working relationship with crane companies in their area are often placed on a priority list, especially if they employ their services on large projects. As a professional contractor, it is your job to ensure that the heavy equipment you deploy on site is reliable and dependable.


Choosing one crane service in your area for all of your heavy equipment needs is a smart business move that not only future proofs your upcoming projects but allows you to build excellent relationships with like-minded and experienced professionals. Crane rental services aren’t perfect, but there is no doubt the positives far outweigh the negatives in this regard.